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There's just something about a hand written letter.

When was the last time you hand wrote a letter, postcard or greeting card to an old friend or loved one?  

Writing and sending letters seems to slowly becoming obsolete, which is why the first product I've chosen for Mark Monday's is such a gem.  Wouldn't it be a nice idea to resurrect the soon to be forgotten habit of hand written letters? 

The Writing Slope 1890's (circa)

The Writing Slope 1890's (circa)

The Writing Box, or Writing Slope (as it used to be known), is a beautiful Victorian piece dating back to the 1890's (circa).  Writing and sending letters was the only was form of communicating back in the day and at H&AH we'd like to bring this tradition back, especially in time for Christmas. 

Leather interior

Leather interior

125 years ago, the Writing Slope was a beautiful and practical piece which took pride of place in the home.  The idea is simple, it was used to store stationery in, to be a haven to write letters, as well as being a keep sake box for postcards and greeting cards.

The Writing Slope we currently have in HA&H can be opened out to reveal a leather slope.  The leather slope is the most delicate part, it has a smooth finish and is gently angled for ease of writing. Storage underneath the slope is for writing pads and envelopes, there is even a little compartment for stamps and a pen container.  The mahogany design has lovely detail to it and there are also two bands of intricate decorative inlay.  

Containers for stamps, pens and ink

Containers for stamps, pens and ink

I just love this piece.  It would be a wonderful gift for an an avid writer as well as bringing character to any room in the home.  It could also be a subtle reminder to encourage everyone in the household to start hand writing letters again!

Thanks for reading, and remember to tune back in next Monday for discover another favourite piece of mine.  Please also feel free to share and comment.


ps. The Writing Slope described and photographed in this blog is currently available at HA&H and can be purchased for £65, it's a one of a kind item, so when it's sold, it's gone! Dimensions are 35 x 22 x 15 cm.

Mark Monday's - the new Blog from Healey Art & Home

Monday 21 November 2016

Welcome to the first edition of Mark Monday's.  The new blog from Healey Art & Home, sharing with you, every Monday, a focus on one of Mark Healey's favourite products we're currently selling at Healey Art & Home, all which are one of a kind with their own unique story.

First of all, let us introduce you to Mark!  As the joint proprietor of Healey Art & Home, Mark's interest in antiques, older furniture, effects, retro and vintage, stems back to when he was a young man.  

One of Mark's first jobs was working in a furniture shop, he also shared an interest in furniture with his father.  Mark's father, whose job as a furniture representative, exposed him to the intricacies of antiques at an early age, and over time, what started out a hobby evolved in to a genuine passion and talent for antique, furniture and homewares.  During the late 1970's and early 80's, Mark also had two antique shops in Birmingham.

Mark went on to college and pursued a career doing other things, but whole heartedly maintained his interest in furniture as he continued to buy and sell products by attending auctions, visiting shops and markets.  Mark has been lucky enough to be able to return to his passion now, through the products he sources and sells for Healey Art & Home.  it is clearly evident, when talking to Mark, his genuine and profound interest in the history, design and story behind every piece in the shop he interacts with. 

We hope you enjoy our new Mark Monday's Blog.  It will be posted every Monday evening between now and Christmas. Please follow us and to share our wonderful product stories every Monday.  Enjoy!

HA&H x